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Causes Of The Civil War.

Who won the presidential election of 1860?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Alexander Stephens
c) Jefferson Davis
d) John Bell

Which was NOT an outcome of the Compromise of 1850?
a) California was admitted as a free state
b) The District of Columbia could no longer have slaves
c) Texas was not allowed to annex New Mexico which would make it a slave state
d) The fugitive slave act was established

How was the fugitive slave act a victory for the South?
a) It allowed owners to retrieve their runaway slaves from the freed northern states and put them back into slavery
b) It allowed slaves that escaped to remain free in the Northern states
c) It allowed the District of Columbia to keep the slaves they already had
d) It said that slaves were property and not people

Which compromise kept the balance of free and slave states in the senate?
a) Missouri Compromise
b) Compromise of 1850
c) Kansas-Nebraska Act
d) Fugitive Slave Act

Alexander Stephens called for Georgia to do what during the debate over secession?
a) Remain in the Union
b) Secede from the Union
c) Be the first state to secede
d) Start fighting the Civil War as soon as possible

Why were northerners unhappy with the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
a) It voided the Missouri Compromise boundary that did not allow slavery above a certain line
b) It allowed California to become a free state
c) It allowed the slave trade to continue in the District of Columbia
d) It created the Fugitive Slave Act

Which describes the relationship between the Compromise of 1850 and the Georgia Platform?
a) Both events were trying to resolve the differences people had over the results of the Dred Scott case.
b) The Georgia Platform, which upheld Georgia’s right to slavery, led to a need for the Compromise of 1850.
c) They are the same event just known by two different names in Georgia.
d) It was the Georgia Platform, many believe, that saved the union because it showed southern support for the Compromise of 1850

Which describes the decision made by the Supreme Court during the Dred Scott case?
a) Scott could not sue, because he was considered property and not a citizen
b) Scott could remain free because he had lived in a free state
c) Scott would return to slavery, but be released in 50 years
d) Scott could sue the government because he was a citizen

Which event was NOT a cause of the Civil War?
a) Slavery
b) Yazoo Land Fraud
c) States' Rights
d) Missouri Compromise

What does nullification mean?
a) when a state attempts to ignore or refuse to accept a law from the Federal government?
b) when a state attempts to make it own laws and still follow the federal laws
c) protecting states interests over the national interests
d) the act of taking over another state to gain territory

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