6th Grade Math Review Question Preview (ID: 34945)

Angles, Polygons.

How many degrees are in a circle
a) 180
b) 360
c) 225
d) 90

I have 4 sides, 4 right angles and opposite sides are equal
a) Square
b) Parallelogram
c) Rectangle
d) Trapezoid

This angle's measure is less than 90 degress
a) Equilateral
b) Right
c) Acute
d) Obtuse

Lines that never intersect are
a) Parallel
b) Perpendicular
c) Congruent
d) Equal

This polygon has 6 sides
a) Pentagon
b) Hexagon
c) Octogon
d) Nonagon

This angle measures more than 90 degrees
a) Right
b) Acute
c) Equilateral
d) Obtuse

Which is not a quadrilateral?
a) Trapezoid
b) Square
c) Triangle
d) Paralellogram

This polygon has 2 sets of parallel sides and 2 sets of equal angles
a) Trapezoid
b) Parallelogram
c) Triangle
d) Pentagon

If a triangle has 2 angles that measure 25 degrees and 70 degrees, what does the 3rd angle measure?
a) 85 degrees
b) 75 degrees
c) 65 degrees
d) 95 degrees

If a right triangle has a 2nd angle that measures 35 degrees, what is the measure of the 3rd angle?
a) 65 degrees
b) 55 degrees
c) 45 degrees
d) 35 degrees

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