Review Goal 1.1.1 Question Preview (ID: 34939)

Goal 1 Review Questions Earth Science NC.

Which of the following happens a planet gets closer to the sun?
a) It speeds up
b) It slows down
c) It stays the same speed
d) It reverses direction

Which of the following would be closest to our Solar System's barycenter?
a) Sun
b) Earth
c) Moon
d) Jupiter

Is the sun in a fixed position in the Solar System?
a) no
b) yes

Where would the Earth/Sun barycenter be located?
a) near the sun
b) near Earth
c) near the moon
d) directly in the middle between Earth and the sun

Which of the following is a change in direction without a change in tilt?
a) precession
b) barycenter
c) nutation
d) binary

What is Earth's wobble referred to?
a) precession
b) nutation
c) binary
d) barycenter

Which is larger?
a) galaxy
b) star
c) planet
d) planetary system

What is the shape of the planet's orbits?
a) eliptical
b) circular
c) they have no definite shape
d) some are circular some are eliptical

About how long ago did the Big Bang occur?
a) 13.7 bya
b) 4.6 bya
c) 2 tya
d) 13.7 mya

Where did the sun and planets come from?
a) Solar Nebula
b) Milky Way explosion
c) Alpha Centauri Super Nova
d) Solar Flare

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