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What is the term for the act of combining resources to make goods and services?
a) production
b) consumption
c) entrepreneurship
d) profits

What is the term for the act of using goods and services?
a) consumption
b) production
c) incentives
d) profits

A goal of businesses is to make production more efficient, which _____ costs.
a) lowers
b) raises
c) increases
d) inflates

As a result of consumer choices, what gets purchased for consumption is determined mainly by:
a) consumer preferences and prices
b) prices and size
c) style and color
d) none of these choices

____ are things that change economic behavior and choices.
a) incentives
b) fashions
c) guesses
d) sellers

____ are a positive incentive for businesses to make better products.
a) profits
b) demands
c) lay-offs
d) poverty

What is the term for the amount of a good or service that sellers are willing to sell?
a) supply
b) demand
c) price
d) profit

What is the term for the amount of a good or service that buyers are willing to buy?
a) demand
b) supply
c) price
d) profit

Prices normally move to a level that brings ____ and ____ into balance.
a) supply and demand
b) good and evil
c) money and riches
d) questions and answers

What is the term for the amount of money exchanged for a good or service?
a) price
b) expensive
c) dimes and quarters
d) bribes

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