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Which part of the Microsoft Excel screen displays the context of the active cell?
a) Name box
b) Status bar
c) Formula bar
d) Sheet tab

Which of the following arithmetic operators is used to indicate division in Excel?
a) *
b) +
c) /
d) ^

When Excel opens a new workbook, it displays a
a) Cell
b) Worksheet
c) Row
d) Column

If text is entered in a cell, exceeding the cell area, then the column needs to be
a) Widened
b) Formatted
c) Moved
d) Deleted

By default a number will display
a) Centered
b) Right-aligned
c) Left-aligned
d) Justified

An entry which begins with an equal sign, followed by a cell reference, then a plus sign, and another cell reference is an example of a
a) Comment
b) Number
c) Formula
d) Text expression

When typing text, Excel automatically completes the word or phrase typed using the feature
a) AutoSum
b) AutoCorrect
c) AutoComplete
d) AutoCopy

When using the Save command on a previously saved workbook, the open workbook will
a) Be overwritten with the changes
b) Remain with the same content
c) Automatically create a second version
d) Prompt you for a new file name

To access help in Excel, you can
a) Click the Office Assistant
b) Click the Help button
c) Activate Ask a Question
d) All of the other answers

When finished with your worksheet, you can close it using
a) File, Close
b) By clicking the Close button on the Standard toolbar
c) Clicking the lower close button on the right
d) File, Close or by Clicking the lower close button on the right

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