Semester One Review Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 34878)

It Is.

A bioengineereed technology that changes how an organism functions is an adaptive technology. Which of these is an example of an adaptive technology?
a) a wheelchair
b) a guide dog for blind people
c) a ramp that provides wheelchair access to a building
d) genetically altered bacteria that produce human insulin

A student is given a sample of a solid that has a mass of 100 grams. The student determines that the volume of the sample is 10 cubic centimeters. D =M/V Bases on the formula, what is the density of the sample?
a) 1000 grams/cubic centimeter
b) 100 grams/cubic centimeter
c) 10 grams/cubic centimeter
d) 1 grams/cubic centimeter

USE YOU PERIODIC TABLE!!!! Which of these elements has the greatest atomic mass?
a) helium (He)
b) argon (Ar)
c) aluminum (Al)
d) neon (Ne)

Hydrogen gas (H2) is combined with oxygen gas (O2) to form water (H2O). Which of the following would be classified as a product in this reaction)?
a) water
b) Hydrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Both Hydrogen and Oxygen

Which is evidence that elements join together to form compounds?
a) A magnet is used to separate iron filings from a heterogeneous mixture
b) A liquid vaporizes to form a gas.
c) Four liquids poured inot a container separate into four distinct layers
d) A solid and a gas react to form a solid.

Which two pieces of laboratory equipment can be used to find and compare the densities of different wood block samples?
a) balance and ruler
b) graduated cylinder and microscope
c) beaker and stopwatch
d) balance and thermometer

Which substance below is a compound?
a) O
b) Cl
c) H2O
d) Na

An element appears in the far right column of the periodic table. What can you conclude about the element bases on this information?
a) It is a solid
b) It is a liquid and a metal
c) It is a metalloid
d) It is a nonmetal and a gas

USE YOUR PERIODIC TABLE!! Based on their location on the periodic table, which two elements share the MOST properties?
a) Na and Mg
b) K and Kr
c) He and Ar
d) H and He

USE YOUR PERIODIC TABLE!! Which Nonmetal listed is the most active?
a) Chlorine (Cl)
b) Oxygen (O)
c) Argon (Ar)
d) Sulfur (S)

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