Chemistry Chapter 4 Review Test 2 Question Preview (ID: 34875)

Atoms And Bonding.

In the chemical formula for an ionic compound, which item is written first?
a) The charges
b) The negative ion
c) The positive ion
d) The subscripts

Electrons involved in bonding are the ______________
a) Valence electrons
b) Protons
c) Neutrons
d) Positively charged

What suffix do you put on the end of name of the negative ion?
a) -ful
b) -gen
c) -ate
d) -ide

Which of the following is a property of an ionic compound?
a) They contain no charged particles
b) They have low boiling points
c) They have low melting points
d) They form hard, brittle crystals

Which of the following best describes a metal crystal?
a) Metal stores held together by ionic binds
b) Metal atoms held together by covalent bonds
c) Positive metal ions surround by free flowing valence electrons
d) Neutral metal ions surrounded by valence electrons

The atomic number of an element is based on the ---------
a) Number of protons in the atom
b) Number of neutrons in the stim
c) Number of electrons around the nucleus
d) The sum of the protons and neutrons

A mixture of 2 or more metals is called a(n) __________
a) Metal
b) Metallic bond
c) Atom
d) Alloy

What is a double bond?
a) When 1 pair of electrons are shared
b) When 2 pairs of electrons are shRed
c) When 3 pairs of electrons are shared
d) When 2 pairs of electrons are shared between 4 atoms

When an atom gains an electron is becomes a(n) _______________
a) Positive ion
b) Negative ion
c) Neutral ion
d) Radioactive

Elements is Group 17 of the periodic table have _____ valence electrons?
a) 7
b) 8
c) 5
d) 17

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