Chemistry Chapter 4 Review Question Preview (ID: 34874)

Atoms And Bonding.

An ionic bond is the attraction between
a) An ion and an atom
b) 2 different atoms
c) Similarly charged ions
d) Oppositely charged ions

What creates a metallic bond?
a) 2 Oppositely charged ions bonded.
b) The attraction between a positively charged metal ion and free flowing electrons.
c) 2 similar metal atoms bonded.
d) 2 different metal atoms bonded by sharing electrons.

Which of the following best describes a metal crystal?
a) Positive metal ions surrounded by freely moving valence electrons
b) Metal atoms held together by covalent bonds
c) Metal atoms held together by ionic bonds
d) Neutral metal atoms surrounded by freely moving valence electrons

The atomic number of an element is based on the _________________.
a) Mass of its nucleus
b) Number of neutrons in its nucleus
c) Number of protons in its nucleus
d) Number of electrons around its core

A material is said to be ductile if it _____________
a) Is a mixture of a metal with at least one other element
b) Can transfer heat or electricity to another material.
c) Can be hammered into sheets
d) Can be pulled out, drawn, into a long wire

Which particles in atoms have a negative charge?
a) Protons
b) Electron
c) Nucleus
d) Neutrons

In an atom the number of protons equals the number of __________
a) 8
b) Neutrons + Electrons
c) Neutrons
d) Electrons

Covalent bonds _________________ electrons as they form.
a) Transfer
b) Share
c) Trade
d) Steal

Ions form when atoms either ____________ electrons.
a) Lose or gain
b) Steal or trade
c) Share or loan

Magnesium bromide is a ionic compound with a chemical formula MgBr2. What does the 2 stand for?
a) Bromide has a 2+ charge
b) Bromide has a 2- charge
c) There are 2 Bromine atoms in the compound
d) There are 2 magnesium atoms in the compound

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