Independent/Dependent Clause Test Review Question Preview (ID: 34873)

Independent Clause Test Review.

An independent or main clause is a complete thought and
a) stands alone by itself as a sentence
b) cannot stand alone
c) is called a subordinate clause
d) is called a dependent clause

A dependent (subordinate) clause begins with a subordination conjunction or a relative pronoun and
a) it cannot stand alone as a complete thought
b) forms a complete thought
c) is called an independent clause
d) is a main clause

The book thief howled when her brother died. When her brother died is the
a) dependent clause
b) main clause
c) independent clause
d) a sentence

I can't help giggling when I think of a private joke. I can' help giggling is the
a) independent clause
b) dependent clause
c) subordinate clause
d) a fragment

Select the subordinating conjunction
a) whomever
b) whom
c) that
d) even though

Select the subordination conjunction
a) before
b) which
c) whatever
d) whoever

A simple sentence has _____ independent clause. (It is just one sentence).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

A complex sentence has
a) 1 main clause and 1 subordinate clause
b) 1 main clause
c) 2 main clauses
d) 3 main clauses

I knew why she had to take a test is a complex sentence because
a) it has 1 main clause and 1 dependent clause
b) it has 2 main clauses
c) it has 2 main clauses and 1 dependent clause
d) it has five phrases

After the dismal clouds disappeared, rays of sunshine filled the forest. This is a complex sentence because
a) it has one independent clause and 1 dependent clause that begins with AFTER
b) it has 2 dependent clauses
c) it has 1 main clause and 2 dependent clause
d) it has ten phrases

Dependent clauses must begin with a RELATIVE PRONOUN or a
a) subordinating conjunction
b) pronoun
c) verb
d) noun

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