Adams' Presidency Question Preview (ID: 34872)

How Did Government Change During Adams' Presidency.

Adams wanted to keep the french from _____?
a) voting in elections
b) taking away jobs
c) changing the language

Adams tried to keep the French immigrants from participating in government by passing the _____?
a) Alien Act
b) Sedition Act
c) Anti-Bullying Act

Adams didn't want any criticism of the country or the president so he had Congress pass the ____?
a) Sedition Act
b) Alien Act
c) Anti-Bullying Act

One consequence of the x, y, z affair was the America united against ____?
a) France
b) England
c) Spain

In a last attempt to keep control of the government for Federalists, Adams ________?
a) packed the courts
b) wrote a letter to Jefferson
c) added a new amendment to the Constitution

Tension and conflict meant Adams had trouble running the country because ________?
a) his vice president was a different political party
b) he didn't get along with Congress
c) he didn't want to follow the rules

Government changed during Adams presidency when he ______?
a) passed the Alien and Sedition acts, packed the courts
b) set precedents, created a cabinet
c) went to war with France, destroyed America's Navy

Disagreements in the Federalist party caused it to ___________?
a) split
b) disband
c) elect a new leader

The Sedition Act violated the _______?
a) First Amendment
b) Second Amendment
c) Fifth Amendment

What caused Adams problems with France?
a) Neutrality Proclamation
b) Bill of Rights
c) Supporting England

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