Washington's Presidency Question Preview (ID: 34871)

Information On How Washington Changed The Government While President.

Government changed during Washington's Presidency when he ____?
a) set precedents, declared neutrality, created a cabinet
b) created Congress, planted tobacco, talked to Ben Franklin
c) passed the Alien and Sedition Acts, increased the size of the Navy

At the Constitutional Convention George Washington helped created the ___________?
a) Constitution
b) Articles of Confederation
c) Magna Carta

Everything Washington did set a ___?
a) Precedent
b) Mess
c) Law

The many disagreements between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton led to the creation of ____.
a) Political Parties
b) Therapy Groups
c) Conciliation Committees

Washington warned in his farewell address that Political Parties would divide America because it would lead to
a) fighting and anger
b) power being shared
c) destruction of national unity

Washington thought that Political Parties would ______America.
a) divide
b) help
c) hurt

Washington thought we should stay out of other countries problems because ___?
a) the country was too young
b) he didn't like other countries
c) all they did was argue

Washington didn't think one person should make all the decisions in government so he created a ___?
a) Cabinet
b) Congress
c) Comittee

The purpose of Washington's Cabinet was to ____?
a) Offer advice and assistance
b) Store all government papers
c) Get together and have some fun

Washington wanted America to remain _____ when dealing with other countries.
a) Neutral
b) Strong
c) Weak

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