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USHC 1.1.

All of the following, at one time or another, were objectives of the French effort in North America EXCEPT:
a) the quest for a Northwest Passage to the Pacific
b) the quest for profits through the fur trade.
c) finding a place to resettle dissident French Protestants.
d) finding a quicker passage to obtain Asian spices.

The Pennsylvania colony was founded as a safe haven for:
a) Puritans
b) Catholics.
c) Indians.
d) Quakers.

William Penn and the Quakers differed from the Puritans of New England in their belief that:
a) the government should be based on equality and consent
b) the government should promote morality by passing laws.
c) a model society could be created in America.
d) the state should not establish a religion.

In which area did good harbors, abundant forests, rocky soil, and a short growing season most influence the colonial economy?
a) Southern colonies
b) Middle Atlantic region
c) Northwest Territory
d) New England colonies

Which of the following was the earliest English colony?
a) Maryland
b) New York
c) Massachusetts Bay
d) Virginia

The original settlements in the thirteen British colonies were all located
a) east of the Appalachian Mountains
b) along the Gulf Coast
c) on the Great Plains
d) west of the Mississippi River

Which of the following colonies required each community of 50 or more families to provide a teacher of reading and writing?
a) Pennsylvania
b) Massachusetts
c) Virginia
d) Maryland

Which of the following statements would be the LEAST accurate about eighteenth-century colonial society?
a) English culture dominated a majority of the thirteen colonies.
b) Protestantism was the dominant religion in the colonies.
c) The economic structure of the colonies promoted social mobility.
d) Religious tolerance was prevalent in the middle colonies.

The primary aim of explorations of Balboa, Magellan, Verrazano, and Cartier was to find?
a) a water passage through the Americans and reach Asia
b) the fabled fountain of youth
c) the Seven Cities of Gold
d) favorable places for their respective nations to plant new colonies

Which of the following statements most accurately describes the settlement patterns of early Pennsylvania?
a) Most people lived in cities clustered along the coastline.
b) Like New England, the town became the focal point of life.
c) The county, with its dispersed farmsteads, became the dominant settlement pattern.
d) Large plantations similar to Virginia’s were characteristic of Pennsylvania.

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