Temperature And Humidity Question Preview (ID: 34867)

Instruments And Units.

The equator has warming temperatures because the sun is
a) closer.
b) more direct.
c) near the jungle.
d) near the desert.

Lines that connect similar temperature are
a) the trade winds.
b) isotherms.
c) isobars
d) the polar easterlies.

When relative humidity is 100%, it
a) gets very hot.
b) rains.
c) causes the zombie apocalypse.
d) causes hurricanes.

Thermometers work because matter _____________ when heated.
a) expands
b) contracts
c) makes no difference
d) crytalizes

Warm air can hold _____________ water vapor than cold air.
a) more
b) less
c) more only if its raining.
d) it makes no difference.

Relative humidity is measured with a
a) anemometer.
b) psychrometer.
c) hygrometer.
d) thermometer.

Warm air ________ and cold air _____ because warm air is ______ dense
a) sinks, rises, more
b) sinks, rises, less
c) rises, sinks, less
d) rises, sinks, more

Temperature is measured in what unit(s)?
a) thermometers.
b) Celsius and Farenheit
c) feet and toes
d) meters and therms

Water vapor in the air is called
a) humidity.
b) pressure,
c) relative humidity.
d) clouds.

Precipitation is measured with a
a) rain gauge.
b) thermometer.
c) psychrometer.
d) hygromter.

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