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The job of the nucleus is to
a) get rid of waste
b) control activities inside the cell
c) transport material
d) make proteins

Prokaryotic cells lack a nucleus and lack membrane bound organelles. An example of this is
a) plant
b) animal
c) snake
d) bacteria

Photosythesis is the process in which plants make
a) glucose from sunlight
b) ATP from CO2 & H2O
c) carbon dioxide from sunlight
d) ATP from Oxygen

Animals use this for respiration and plants give this off during photsynthesis
a) cholorphyll
b) Oxygen
c) Carbon dioxide
d) water

What types of cells are humans made up of?
a) Prokaryotic
b) Bacteria
c) Photosynthetic
d) Eukaryotic

The part of an animal cell that is flexible and allows material in and out of the cell is called
a) cell membrane
b) cell wall
c) cytoplasm
d) nucleus

This is the organelle in a plant cell where photosythesis takes place
a) mitochandria
b) chloroplasts
c) cell membrane
d) cell wall

Photosynthesis needs all of the following EXCEPT
a) Sunlight
b) Carbon dioxide
c) Oxygen
d) Water

Plants need this for photosynthesis and animals breathe this out
a) Oxygen
b) Glucose
c) ATP
d) Carbon dioxide

Cellualr respiration is the process where
a) animals and plants change sugar molecules into ATP's
b) plants use sunlight to make glucose
c) animals use sunlight to make ATP's
d) plants and animals change sugar molecules into glucose

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