Vocab 2.3 Review Question Preview (ID: 34843)

Vocab Review.

amar =
a) to hate
b) to love
c) to know
d) to have

poner =
a) to order
b) to bring
c) to put/ place
d) to walk

la plancha =
a) dryer
b) washer
c) iron
d) vaccuum

el secador =
a) clothes dryer
b) hair dryer
c) washer
d) dishwasher

la lavadora =
a) washing machine
b) dishwasher
c) hair dryer
d) clothes dryer

el microondas =
a) microwave
b) hair dryer
c) iron
d) plane

el despertador =
a) bed
b) radio
c) alarm clock
d) vase

una sorpresa =
a) a known fact
b) a iron
c) a plate
d) a surprise

pronto =
a) slow
b) quickly
c) blatantly
d) secretly

preparar =
a) to kiss
b) a flower
c) to prepare
d) to hug

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