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An agreement to stop fighting
a) propaganda
b) armistice
c) militarism
d) bureaucracy

Ideas spread to help or hurt a cause
a) nationalism
b) reparation
c) propaganda
d) militarism

Payment for losses suffered during a war
a) reparation
b) armistice
c) bureaucracy
d) militarism

System of managing government through departments run by appointed officials
a) bureaucracy
b) nationalism
c) rival alliances
d) meatless Tuesday

Policy of building up strong armed forces to prepare for war
a) nationalism
b) imperialism
c) rival alliances
d) militarism

Extreme pride in ones nation
a) bureaucracy
b) imperialism
c) nationalism
d) rival alliances

Which of the following countries would have entered WWI if the Zimmerman plot had succeeded?
a) Serbia
b) Russia
c) Mexico
d) Spain

Austria-Hungary formed the Triple Alliance with which two other countries?
a) Russia and Italy
b) Italy and Germany
c) Britain and France
d) Britain and Russia

A person against any war at all is called a
a) nationalist
b) pacifist
c) warmonger
d) militarist

Which of the following BEST describes trench warfare?
a) long, deadly struggles with not much gain for either side
b) long, clear victory for one side
c) long, successful attack strategies
d) long, advacement and many miles of territory covered

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