Chapter 5 Toward Independence 2 Question Preview (ID: 34819)

Prelude To The Revolutionary War.

What did the British do when they couldn’t find weapons in Concord?
a) They burned some wooden tools and gun cartridges.
b) They killed the spy who told them there were weapons there.
c) They kept looking in every town until they found them.

How did the colonists know that the British were coming?
a) Paul Revere and William Dawes warned them.
b) They had lookouts.
c) George Washington told them to be prepared for the British attack.

What did the militia begin to steal from the British?
a) gunpowder and cannons
b) uniforms
c) ships

Why did General Gage decide to strike Concord?
a) He heard the colonists had a large supply of gunpowder and weapons.
b) He knew that it was a weak spot in the colonists defense.
c) He heard the colonists leaders were all hiding there.

What one thing united the delegates?
a) They were united by their love of liberty and hatred of tyranny.
b) They were united by their love of farming and industry.
c) They were united by their love of free trade.

What was the purpose of the First Continental Congress called by the Virginians?
a) To find a peaceful solution to the conflicts with Great Britain.
b) To find ways to get back at Great Britain.
c) To get the colonial leaders together to form a new national government.

What was the effect of the Intolerable Acts?
a) The Colonies began to unite - an attack on one was seen as an attack on all.
b) The Colonies were more divided than ever.
c) The colonists began to fight each other.

What was the Sons of Liberty’s response to the British ships filled with tea in the harbor?
a) They dressed as Mohawk Indians, boarded the ships and threw 342 chests overboard.
b) They refused to let the ships enter the harbor.
c) They boycotted the tea.

What is a Monopoly?
a) Complete control over something.
b) The killing of defenseless people.
c) An action taken in a time of peace.

What did the Tea Act give the British East India Company?
a) It gave them a monopoly over tea sales in the colonies.
b) It gave them a competitive market in which to sell their tea.
c) It gave them the income that they needed to pay for the colonies.

How did Patriots initially avoid paying the tax on British Tea?
a) They drank Dutch tea that was smuggled into the colonies.
b) They stole the tea.
c) They quit drinking tea and drank coffee instead.

What was the effect of troops not being allowed to fire on citizens?
a) Bostonians were bolder in their attacks.
b) The British soldiers were angry and fired at unarmed colonists anyway.
c) Everyone was safer and calmer.

How did Bostonians feel about the British?
a) They resented them and called them lobsterbacks.
b) They liked having their British countrymen in town.
c) They were thankful for the protection that the British offered them.

What is a massacre?
a) The killing of defenseless people
b) An action taken in a time of peace.
c) Complete control over something.

How did the British feel about the Boston Patriots?
a) They thought they were the worse trouble makers in the colonies.
b) They appreciated their leadership potential.
c) They were proud that they were taking steps towards independence.

What does it mean to Boycott?
a) to refuse to buy goods from a certain source.
b) to take back, or to cancel a law
c) the unjust use of government power

What does it mean to repeal something?
a) to take back, or to cancel a law
b) the unjust use of government power.
c) to refuse to buy goods from a certain source.

What happened to the British on their retreat to Boston?
a) They faced more than 4000 armed and angry Minutemen lining their route.
b) They discovered many places where the colonists had hidden weapons.
c) They were allowed to run safely to Boston.

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