Chapter 3 Colonies 1 Question Preview (ID: 34814)

Early Colonies.

What did the people of New York demand?
a) The right to elect an assembly to make laws for New York.
b) The right to break the laws.
c) The right to tax the Duke of York.

What 2 things did duke of York issue?
a) His own laws and a tax for New Yorkers
b) Free travel and lodging in New York.
c) Free land and workers.

What did the duke of York expect his colony, New York, to be?
a) A money-making business.
b) A place to hide his empire.
c) A vacation destination.

What does democratic mean?
a) Citizens elect representatives to make and carry out laws.
b) All citizens have equal say in government.
c) Citizens are told what to do by one ruler.

What is a governing assembly?
a) An elected group of lawmakers.
b) A large group of people.
c) A program at school.

What are cash crops?
a) Crops raised in large quantities and sold for profit
b) Crops that cost a lot to raise.
c) Crops that farmers made little to no money on.

What features made the Southern Colonies unique?
a) large plantations
b) shipbuilding centers
c) town meetings

The people who settled in the Middle Colonies represented
a) many countries and cultures.
b) debtors from England.
c) Pilgrims and Puritans

What did the New England colonies have in common?
a) harsh winters and rocky, hilly land
b) broad rivers, swamps, wetlands
c) long, hot summers and mild winters

What did the Quakers refuse to do?
a) They refused to do all of them.
b) fight in wars
c) bow before king and pay taxes to the Church

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