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the trivial news story:
a) important
b) foreign
c) unimportant
d) exciting

applicable supporting evidence
a) appropriate
b) apparent
c) interesting
d) weak

tentative plans
a) known in advance
b) very extravagant
c) subject to change
d) firmly decided

capitalistic ideology
a) field of knowledge
b) a form of government
c) a kind of industry
d) basic principles

a premature announcement is
a) just in time
b) too early
c) awe-inspiring
d) too late

immaterial information:
a) recent
b) irrelevant
c) useful
d) classified

a ponderous maneuvers
a) clumsy
b) important
c) graceful
d) helpful

an inconvenient location
a) regular
b) unfavorable
c) difficult
d) assigned

perceptible symptoms are:
a) noticeable
b) hidden
c) acute
d) early

optimistic people are:
a) nearsighted
b) kind
c) cheerful
d) gloomy

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