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The ________ screens out much of the Sun's UV rays
a) smog
b) biomass
c) geothermal energy
d) ozone layer

The top of the water-filled spaces in the ground is the
a) water table
b) ocean floor
c) continental shelf
d) reservoir

Dangerous air pollution is called
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) smog
d) nitrogen

A(n) ________ is a storage area for fresh water
a) water table
b) reservoirs
c) ozone layer
d) cabinet

A type of precipitation caused by air pollution is
a) acid rain
b) hail
c) snow
d) sleet

The continental slope of the ocean is steeper and deeper than the
a) continental rise
b) plain
c) continental shelf
d) seamount

What are two alternative resources of energy
a) biomass and geothermal energy
b) geothermal energy and fossil fuels
c) wind and garbage
d) water and sand

Most of the Earth's oxygen supply is produced by
a) bacteria in the soil
b) the ozone layer
c) green plants
d) one-celled algae of the ocean

All of the following are example of nonrenewable resources EXCEPT
a) oil
b) natural gas
c) oxygen
d) coal

Geothermal energy comes from
a) The sun
b) Earth\'s internal heat
c) fossil fuels
d) falling water

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