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What kind of plate boundary is most often characterized by earthquakes?
a) Convergent
b) Earthquakes rarely happen at plate boundaries.
c) Transform Fault
d) Divergent

What is a seismogram?
a) The scale that scientists use to classify earthquakes.
b) The less scientific scale that measures earthquakes. Used by the media.
c) A machine that measures earthquake magnitude.
d) The written record of an earthquake's waves.

What is an underwater mountain range?
a) Abyssal plain
b) Mid-ocean ridge
c) Deep-ocean trench
d) Seamount

Which of the following took up the most amount of time?
a) Cenozoic Era
b) Precambrian Time
c) Paleozoic Era
d) Mesozoic Era

What is the uppermost mantle and the crust?
a) Asthenosphere
b) Moho
c) Lithosphere
d) Core

Which of the following is known as the Age of the Dinosaurs?
a) Cenozoic Era
b) Precambrian Time
c) Paleozoic Era
d) Mesozoic Era

Who originated the Continental Drift Hypothesis?
a) Alfred Wegener
b) Copernicus
c) Arthur Holmes
d) Isaac Newton

After the breakup of Pangaea, what was the name of the northern continent?
a) Africa
b) Rodinia
c) Laurasia
d) Gondwana

Which type of volcano is potentially the most explosive?
a) Caldera
b) Shield
c) Composite
d) Cinder cone

Which of the following is the most viscous?
a) Water
b) Cola
c) Pudding
d) Milk

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