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Which of the following men used the Assembly Line to produce cars?
a) John D. Rockefeller
b) Andrew Carnegie
c) Upton Sinclair
d) Henry Ford

Congress passed the Homestead Act which:
a) provided new homes for people who lived in tenements
b) offered free houses to anyone who would work the transcontinental railroad
c) promised land to anyone who would move west and farm it for five years
d) repaired the slums in the inner cities

Where did most United States immigrants settle after their arrival in the United States?
a) in the suburbs
b) in the Northeast and Midwest
c) in the Southern states
d) in farm communities

Explain the significance of John D. Rockefeller:
a) He used the Bessemer Process to refine oil
b) He realized that refining was the key to the oil industry
c) He discovered crude oil by accident
d) He competed with others for control of the oil industry

What is the main reason that factory workers were paid poorly?
a) Factories did not make enough profit to cover costs.
b) There was not enough money in circulation to pay factory workers.
c) Labor unions prevented owners from raising worker pay.
d) Owners wanted to reduce the cost of running the factories.

Why were settlement houses established in cities?
a) to help immigrants establish their own businesses
b) to provide homes with safe living conditions
c) to teach practical skills to poor people
d) to improve conditions in city tenements

The best way to describe inflation is:
a) the rise in production that accompanies a reduction in costs
b) the increase in pay that resulted from the rise of labor unions
c) the ability of banks to offer low-interest loans
d) the rise in prices as people charge more money for goods and services

Which of the following people was the first progressive U.S. president?
a) Andrew Carnegie
b) Woodrow Wilson
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) William Jennings Bryan

Which of the following would best identify with the populist movement?
a) a state congressman
b) a farmer who is dissatisfied with the practices of industrial companies.
c) an immigrant living in poverty
d) s successful business owner

Which of the following most accurately describes labor unions:
a) They campaigned for employees to have better pay and healthier working conditions
b) They encouraged the production of goods by more industries
c) They protected factories who overworked immigrants
d) They fought against the government's attempt to control large companies

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