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What are two kinds of ecological succession?
a) Climax community and pioneer community
b) Pioneer species and pioneer community
c) Primary and Secondary
d) Private and Secret

What is carbon dioxide?
a) It is a gas let off by breathing animals, decaying plants. and burning fossil fuels.
b) What people use to make their food
c) A stinky plant odor
d) A gas

What type of biome is cold and treeless?
a) Taiga
b) Tundra
c) Deciduous forest
d) Tropical Rainforest

Which biome is rocky and has little precipitation and plant life?
a) deciduous forest
b) Tropical rainforest
c) Tundra
d) Desert

When living things already exist in an ecosystem, what type of succession occurs?
a) Primary
b) Secondary
c) climax community
d) pioneer species

What is evaporation?
a) When water is cooled and turned to liquid
b) When water is heated by the sun and changed to a gas called water vapor
c) When water falls to the earth
d) A swimming pool

When a pine forest is replaced by a deciduous forest, what has occured?
a) CLearing of land
b) Pioneer comunity
c) Succession
d) primary sleep

Carbon dioxide, Burning fossil fuels, and car exhaust are all linked to the:
a) Water cycle
b) nitrogen cycle
c) carbon cycle
d) hamster wheel

What are the three types of water organisms and where do they live?
a) Nekton swims through the water, plankton floats on top of the water, and bathos is a bottom dweller.
b) Nekton lives on the ocean floor, Bathos floats on the water, and plankton lives with Spongebob.
c) Fish, turtles, and trout
d) whale, sharks, and sunless bottoms.

What determines the depth at which some organisms live?
a) water
b) sunlight
c) air
d) plants

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