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Pseudopodia are extensions of a Rhizopod's
a) pellicle
b) cilia
c) flagella
d) cytoplasm

The protozoan that causes malaria reproduces in the
a) intestines of humans
b) liver and red blood cells of humans
c) red blood cells of a mosquito
d) saliva and blood of Anopheles mosquitoes

Which of the following is an adaptation to extreme environments?
a) food vacuoles
b) cyst formation
c) eyespots
d) multiple fission

Which of the following is not involved in feeding in ciliates?
a) cilia
b) oral groove
c) contractile vacuoles
d) gullet

Which of the following best describe members of the kingdom Protista?
a) they are multicellular and eukaryotic
b) they are unicellular, multicellular, and eukaryotic
c) they are muticellular and prokaryotic
d) they and single-celled and prokaryotic

The green algae Oedogonium produces a female gamete called
a) an antheridium
b) an oogonium
c) a zygospore
d) a conjugation tube

The phylum of red algae is known as
a) Chlorophyta
b) Rhodophyta
c) Chrysophyta
d) Phaeophyta

The air bladders of kelp keep the blades near the water's surface so they can perform
a) conjugation
b) cellular respiration
c) reproduction
d) photosynthesis

Algae that lack both cilia and flagella but have shells made of silica are called
a) dinoflagellates
b) euglenoids
c) diatoms
d) brown algae

Instead of a rigid cell wall, a Euglena has a flexible protein covering called a
a) laminarin
b) fruiting body
c) pellicle
d) chytrids

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