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Sally is selecting child care for her daughter. She is interested in a low adult-child ratio and having children taken care of in a home. What type of child care does she need to choose?
a) Child Care Center
b) Family Child Care
c) Head Start
d) Preschool

Sam and Susie preferred their child learning from natural elements and having their early childhood teacher in the role of a facilitator. What type of child care is this?
a) Child care center
b) Montessori
c) Nanny
d) Preschool

When Mrs. Abbot arrived at the child care center, a child was sitting in the corner facing the wall with tape on his mouth. Which factor that influences child care selection should concern her?
a) Cost of child care
b) Discipline methods used
c) Hours of operation
d) Nutrition program

Mary has to be at work early in the morning and works late most afternoons. Which factor that influences child care selection is this?
a) Cost of child care
b) Hours of operation
c) Location
d) Rating

Natalie lives as a single mother on a limited budget. When she returned to work after having twins, she arranged for her mother to care for her twins. Which factor that influences child care selection is this?
a) Cost of child care
b) Equipment and supplies
c) Program activities
d) Training of staff

A single dad works in an office complex downtown. He takes his special-needs preschooler to the childcare room provided by his company, so he can easily check on him as often as needed during the day. What type of childcare is this?
a) Employer-sponsored childcare
b) Family childcare
c) Stay-at-home parent
d) University-sponsored/laboratory school

Joey is four years old. He attends a half-day program three days per week. What type of childcare is this?
a) Childcare center
b) Family childcare
c) Montessori
d) Preschool

Tom is concerned about the certificate in the hallway of the center showing an 89% from the health inspector. Which factor that influences child care selection is this?
a) Cleanliness of child care center
b) Cost of child care
c) Ratio of children per caregiver
d) Training and education of staff

Which is an advantage of home-based child care?
a) May be managed by a person who is difficult to trust
b) May be more difficult for children to feel comfortable
c) May have less flexible hours
d) May provide the child with more individual attention

Jan takes her son to child care where she does not have to pay a fee, her son receives medical services, and she obtains advice from social services workers about feeding and other parenting responsibilities. What type of child care is this?
a) Family child care
b) Head Start
c) Montessori
d) Preschool

Sandra takes her child to a preschool program. It is different from a child care center because:
a) preschools are commercialized
b) preschools are crowded
c) preschools are licensed but not accredited
d) preschools are half-day programs

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