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Which sediment size has the lowest porosity?
a) clay
b) sand
c) gravel
d) silt

Metamorphism occurs when parent rocks are exposed to all of the following except
a) hot solutions
b) high pressure
c) high temperatures
d) high density

Which type of metamorphism occurs over a large area?
a) regional
b) contact
c) local
d) deformational

Contact metamorphism occurs when
a) Parent is rock is melted and changed into new rock
b) Parent rock interacts with seawater and changes
c) Parent rock is introduced to a hot solution
d) Parent rock is deposited on the shoreline

The primary types of metamorphic rocks found in Storrs are
a) conglomerate and gneiss
b) quartzite and schist
c) quartzite and slate
d) gneiss and schist

Which of the following metamorphic rocks has the lowest grade of metamorphism?
a) Slate
b) Phyllite
c) Gneiss
d) Schist

Which of the following metamorphic rocks shows foliation?
a) quartzite
b) hornfels
c) marble
d) schist

Schist can contain all the following minerals except
a) mica
b) pyroxene
c) amphibole
d) quartz

Deformation metamorphism usually occurs where?
a) along magma plumes
b) along volcanic arcs
c) along coastlines
d) along fault lines

The metamorphism of limestone give you what metamorphic rock?
a) marble
b) schist
c) phyllite
d) hornfels

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