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What is the name of our school?
a) Any school
b) New Bridge School
c) My new school
d) Senior school

What is our Headteacher called?
a) Mr Brown
b) Mr Smith
c) Mr Jones
d) Mr Quinn

Where is the ICT classroom?
a) On the first floor
b) In the cellar
c) Outside
d) On the ground floor

What colour is our school jumper?
a) Red
b) Navy Blue
c) Green
d) Purple

What is the name of our Year 7 Leader
a) Mr Smith
b) Mr Brown
c) Mr Barker
d) Mr Jones

What colour is our school polo shirt?
a) Light Blue
b) Green
c) Red
d) Yellow

What is our Learning Mentor called?
a) Mrs Jones
b) Mrs Brown
c) Miss Smith
d) Mrs Bingley

What is our school motto?
a) Let's not learn!
b) Learning Together, Learning for All
c) Every little helps
d) There isn't a school motto.

Who is our Deputy Headteacher?
a) Miss John
b) Mr Barry
c) Mr Smith
d) Miss Brown

How many swimming pools have we got?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

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