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a satirical attack is:
a) physical
b) painful
c) sarcastic
d) feeble

the bilingual speaker is:
a) using two languages
b) has two degrees
c) presenting two ideas
d) giving two presentations

a biographical study is:
a) of historical importance
b) of someone's ideas
c) in poetic form
d) of someone's life

infamous deeds are:
a) notorious
b) daring
c) little-known
d) heroic

chronological lists are:
a) in a random pattern
b) up to date
c) fictional or imaginary
d) in order of occurrence

to galvanize the crowd is to:
a) escape from
b) arouse to action
c) make enemies of
d) break through

deficient evidence
a) stupid
b) misleading
c) incomplete
d) useful

a fluent speech is:
a) effortless
b) clear
c) studied
d) determined

to denounce someone is to:
a) vote for
b) accuse publicly
c) defend in court
d) question the motives of:

to dissuade someone is to:
a) help
b) annoy
c) understand
d) discourage

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