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What are the three types of rock?
a) Metamorphic, Igneous, Superslimy
c) Metamorphic, Igneous, Sedimentary
d) Metabolism, Ignanini, Sedimentary

A divergent boundary is a bounday where _________________________.
a) two plates collide
c) two plates slide past each other
d) two plates divide and spread apart

What is evaporation?
a) when water changes from liquid to gas
c) when water freezes
d) when water changes from gas to liquid

Which part of the water cycle happens in the clouds?
a) evaporation
c) condensation
d) transpiration

A tsunami is caused by:
a) an earthquake in the ocean
c) an earthquake in the desert
d) an earthquake in California

Surface waves occur....
a) in lakes, near the bottom
c) near the surface of the ocean
d) near the mouths of rivers

Based on the experiment we saw in science, hot water with less salt _______________, while cold water is a lot of salt ____________.
a) rises, sinks
c) does nothing
d) sinks, rises

Deposition is when ______________________________.
a) Sediments are deposited and dropped
c) Sediments are chemically eroded
d) Sediments are broken down

Currents do not flow in straight lines because....
a) the Coriolis Effect
c) the Combination Effect
d) the SindySandy Effect

In the lab, it is important to wear safety goggles because:
a) water might splash into your eyes
c) your teacher told you to
d) chemicals might splash into your eyes

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