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Which American Indian (First American) tribe lived in what is now Virginia?
a) Powhatan
b) Apache
c) Pueblo
d) Sioux

What was the oral tradition of Mali?
a) Painting pictures
b) Writing music
c) Reading books
d) Telling stories

In the empire of Mali, how was salt used?
a) To wash clothes
b) To preserve food
c) To grow plants
d) To make paper

How can you find the capital city on a map of Virginia?
a) It has the longest name.
b) It is the biggest city.
c) It has a special symbol.
d) It is the oldest city.

What is an example of a person saving for the future?
a) Getting money from a bank
b) Buying food for the week
c) Putting money in the bank
d) Getting new toys at the store

Because resources are limited, MOST people -
a) always get everything they want
b) must choose among the things they want
c) will trade to get everything they want
d) produce the goods they want

Doctors, mail carriers, and teachers all provide -
a) products
b) services
c) ideas
d) goods

When farmers, builders, and miners are doing their jobs, they are examples of -
a) human resources
b) economic scarcity
c) opportunity cost
d) economic consumers

George and Mac want to barter. What do they need?
a) Something to trade
b) Money
c) Something to sell
d) Savings

Which of the following shows that Sam is careful to take care of his belongings when he gets to school?
a) He sits down at his desk.
b) He says hello to the teacher.
c) He gets a drink of water.
d) He hangs up his coat.

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