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Which sequence represents structures organized from most complex to least complex?
a) chloroplast → guard cell → leaf → oak tree
b) guard cell → chloroplast → leaf → oak tree
c) oak tree → guard cell → leaf → chloroplast
d) oak tree → leaf → guard cell → chloroplast

Autotrophs differ from heterotrophs in that only autotrophs
a) require carbon dioxide for cellular respiration
b) release oxygen as a product of cellular respiration
c) synthesize nutrients using carbon dioxide and water
d) break down sugars to assemble other molecules

A human cell that contains all of the information necessary for the growth and development of a complete organism is
a) a sperm cell
b) a gamete
c) an egg cell
d) a zygote

An energy-rich organic compound needed by organisms is
a) water
b) gkucose
c) salt
d) oxygen

The site of protein synthesis
a) ribosomes
b) mitochondria
c) chloroplast
d) cell membrance

Materials are transported within a single-celled organism by the
a) nucleus
b) cytoplasm
c) mitochondria
d) ribosome

Fish absorb oxygen through the gills, earthworms absorb oxygen through the skin, amebas take in oxygen through the cell membranes, and cows inhale oxygen through the nasal passages into their lungs. This statement demonstrates that living things
a) rely on similar or the same processes, but accomplish them in different ways
b) rely on different processes and accomplish them in different ways
c) rely on different processes, but perform them in the same or related ways
d) have no relationship to one another, and are all independent individuals

Before starch can enter a cell, it must be
a) absorbed by simple sugars
b) diffused into simple sugars
c) digested to form simple sugars
d) actively transported by simple sugars

In a multicellular organism, organs carry out a variety of life functions. In a single-celled organism, these functions are performed by
a) tissues
b) organ
c) organ system
d) organelles

In order for the human body to maintain homeostasis, the breakdown of glucose to release energy must be followed by the
a) production of oxygen
b) division of the cell
c) removal of wastes
d) production of receptor molecules

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