An Adventure In Africa Question Preview (ID: 34553)

Reading Comprehension.

Why couldn't Kevin sleep?
a) He was afraid of the wild African animals.
b) His tent was uncomfortable.
c) The African animals were being too noisy.

What is a safari?
a) A long ride through nature.
b) A long plane ride.
c) A long vacation.

Which of the following describes Jim?
a) A kind man with bushy gray beard.
b) A scary man with curly hair.
c) A short, bald man.

When did Kevin start to feel excited instead of scared?
a) When he saw a giraffe up close.
b) When his mom said not to be scared.
c) When he was on the plane to Africa.

Where are Kevin and his parents?
a) In Africa.
b) In America.
c) In Australia.

How did Kevin's parents most likely feel during the trip to Africa?
a) Kevin's parents were not afraid during the trip to Africa.
b) Kevin's parents were bored during the trip to Africa.
c) Kevin's parents were afraid during the trip to Africa.

What is this story mostly about?
a) A boy named Kevin who goes on a safari in Africa with his parents.
b) A boy named Kevin who who was excited to see many wild animals up close.
c) A family that went to Africa to see giraffes.

What does cooped up mean?
a) Kept in a closed space.
b) Released in the wild.
c) Yelled at.

Which animal came to eat the leaves of a tall tree near Kevin?
a) A giraffe.
b) An elephant.
c) A zebra.

How would Kevin probably react if he saw a lion up close on the safari?
a) He would scream and run away.
b) He would run up to it and try to pet it.
c) He would not care about seeing the lion.

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