Chapter 10 And 12: Middle Ages Question Preview (ID: 34528)


Which Muslim leader defeated the Christians and recaptured Jerusalem?
a) Ibn Sina
b) Saladin
c) Barbarossa
d) Baybars

Which document granted some basic rights to people and reduced the power of the monarchy?
a) Code of Hammurabi
b) Treaty of Versailles
c) Constitution
d) Magna Carta

What was a fief?
a) a grant of land
b) legal contract involving grain
c) name for a criminal
d) code of conduct

What city was the main focus of the Crusades?
a) Mecca
b) Medina
c) Bethlehem
d) Jerusalem

The Middle Ages were also known as the _____________?
a) Renaissance
b) Agricultural Revolution
c) Dark Ages
d) Age of Revolution

The Feudal System gave power to whom?
a) vassals
b) guilds
c) serfs
d) monarchy/nobility

Which Pope called for the 1st Crusade?
a) Gregory III
b) Innoncent II
c) Urban II
d) St. Patrick

Who was the Frankish ruler who was crowned by the Pope?
a) Justinian
b) Caesar
c) Octavian
d) Charlemagne

Who was at the top of the feudal system?
a) Peasant
b) King/Queen
c) Knights
d) Merchants

The Black Death was spread by what?
a) poisoned water
b) the Great Famine
c) drop in temperatures
d) rats infested with fleas

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