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Review Of Ancient Roman Government.

Rome was founded in what year?
a) 509 BC
b) 510 BC
c) 509 CE
d) 1234 CE

Rome was founded as this type of government?
a) Democracy
b) Republic
c) Oligarchy
d) Monarchy

The city of Rome lies in this present day country?
a) Greece
b) Turkey
c) Gaul (France)
d) Italy

The Roman military unit was called the?
a) Legion
b) Phalanx
c) Squad
d) Battalion

These are the most powerful representatives in Ancient Rome?
a) Two Counsols
b) Magistrates
c) Tribunes
d) Senators

In the legend what is the name of the two brothers who founded Rome?
a) Spongebob and Patrick
b) Vader and Luke
c) Caesar and Octavious
d) Romulus and Remus

Name of war fought between mighty Carthage and Ancient Rome?
a) World War II
b) Trojan War
c) Punic Wars
d) Peloponnese War

Name of Carthaginian leader who attacked Rome for 17 years with war elephants?
a) Skipio
b) Alexander the Great
c) Romulus
d) Hannibal

Veni Vidi Vici is a quote from Julius Caesar, what does it mean?
a) I came, I saw, I conquered
b) Divide and Conquer
c) Lets eat
d) Its Friday

What colony of Rome's provided all the grain for food for the entire empire?
a) Spain
b) Gaul (France)
c) Germania
d) Egypt

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