Semester Review: Unit 3 Question Preview (ID: 34521)

This Is A Review For Content From Unit 4: Renaissance Reformation.

“Christians should be taught that he who gives to a poor man or lends to a needy man does better than if he used the money to buy an indulgence.” The above quote is an example of a statement that could be found in which of the following documents
a) The Declaration of the Rights of Man
b) The 95 Theses
c) The Magna Carta
d) The 12 Tables

Threatened with excommunication if views of the church were not recanted.
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Pope Leo X
c) Martin Luther
d) Johann Gutenberg

The Renaissance was a rebirth of art and learning inspired by what two earlier civilizations?
a) Egypt and Rome
b) Sumer and Mesopotamia
c) Greece and Rome
d) Greece and India

Which of the following reflects Martin Luther’s religious beliefs?
a) The bible should only be in Latin or Greek.
b) The Pope is the sole religious authority.
c) Salvation should be achieved through faith alone.
d) Reading the Bible was not necessary.

A practice of the Catholic Church, also known as a pardon.
a) Vernacular
b) Indulgences
c) Inquisition
d) Reformation

A change in view point focusing more on individual achievement.
a) Humanism
b) Vernacular
c) Indulgences
d) Secularism

Historically, which individual is most associated with the beginning of the Reformation?
a) Martin Luther
b) Johann Gutenberg
c) John Calvin
d) Pope Leo X

In the 1500s, the ________ was a period of revolt against the Roman Catholic Church.
a) Renaissance
b) Restoration
c) Reformation
d) Revolution

The beginning of the Renaissance can be attributed to which of the following?
a) increase in trade
b) the fall of the Roman Empire
c) wars between Greece and Rome
d) the Bubonic Plague

What was the most important impact of Johann Gutenberg’s printing press during the Renaissance?
a) It allowed people to write letters to one another.
b) It strengthened the bonds between the people and their king.
c) It helped the rapid spread of ideas throughout Europe.
d) It fostered good relations between the church and all Christians

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