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A _____ chain is all of the businesses involved from the time raw materials are obtained until finished products are sold
a) manufacturing
b) inventory
c) materials
d) supply

Continuous _______ improvement increases the quality of work by reducing errors, inefficiencies, and waste
a) situation
b) work
c) process
d) study

research done without specific prducts in mind with the goal of discovering new solutions to problems
a) applied research
b) pure research
c) steady research
d) happenstance

an assembly process that makes a large number of identical products using continuous, efficient procedures
a) mass production
b) custom manufacturing
c) materials processing
d) photocopying

this involves changing and improving the form of another project
a) manufacturing
b) extraction & cultivation
c) processing
d) baking

raw materials supplied by nature
a) agricultural products
b) natural resources
c) processed goods
d) nails

A _____ plan identifies how work will be done, who will do it, and what resources will be needed
a) budgeting
b) scheduling
c) operational
d) standard

A specific measurement against which an activity or result is judged is called
a) standard
b) benchmark
c) point
d) test

managing the acquisition, movement, and storage of supplies, materials and finished products
a) management
b) logistics
c) facilities management
d) scheduling

building a specific and unique product to meet the needs of one customer
a) custom manufacturing
b) mass production
c) materials processing
d) repetitive production

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