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Waves Review Quiz 8th Grade.[print questions]

What does the wavelength of a wave indicate?
a) Loudness
b) Energy
c) Intensity
d) Crest

What happens to the noise level of a sound wave as the amplitude increases?
a) More complex pitches develop
b) Remains the same
c) Decreases
d) Increases

What is the relationship between the speed of sound and the density of the substance it travels through?
a) Sound travels the fastest in gas mediums
b) The less dense the medium, the faster it travels
c) The density of the medium does not affect the speed of sound
d) The more dense the medium, the faster it travels

How are sound and light waves different?
a) Sound has wavelengths, light does not
b) Sound can be measured, light cannot
c) Light travels through space, sound cannot
d) Light travels more slowly than sound

Why does the spoon in the glass of water look like it is bent?
a) light creates shadows that confuse the eye
b) light travels at different speeds through water and air
c) water is reflecting the image of the spoon in air
d) water cannot carry light waves, only reflect it

You can estimate how far away a lightning bolt strikes by counting the seconds between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder. Why does this work?
a) sound waves travel more slowly through air than light waves
b) sound waves travel slowly through the ear canal before they can be heard
c) sound waves cannot travel through empty space, they need a medium
d) sound waves spread out from a source in circles and light does not

What would you expect to happen to the amount of light the meter senses as you move away from the light? The amount of light will
a) decrease
b) increase
c) stay the same
d) depend the size of the light

What happens to the amount of energy in waves as they travel away from their source? The energy
a) becomes lost forever as the waves disappear
b) becomes less and less as it is spread out
c) is narrowed to a focus point and becomes very intense
d) travels until the waves are able to strike a surface

How are a raindrop and a glass prism alike?
a) they are shaped like a pyramid
b) they are made of water and air
c) they fall from the sky
d) they separate white light into colors

What type of wave travels the fastest?
a) Sound
b) Light
c) Earthquake
d) Ocean

Which of the following does NOT travel as a wave?
a) Sound energy
b) Light energy
c) Earthquake energy
d) Wind energy

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