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Power is work done over _____
a) energy
b) watt
c) time
d) distance

Some of the energy put into a machine is changed into heat because of _____
a) mechanical advantage
b) lever
c) efficiency
d) friction

A machine that only changes the direction of a force has a mechanical advantage of _____
a) 100
b) 1
c) 5
d) 10

The measure of how much work put into a machine is changed into useful work put out by the machine is _____
a) mechanical advantage
b) effort force
c) ideal mechanical advantage
d) efficiency

In a first class lever
a) the resistance force is in between the effort force and the fulcrum
b) the mechanical advantage is 0
c) the fulcrum is in between the effort and resistance forces
d) the effort force is in between the resistance force and the fulcrum

How much power does a person weighing 500N need to climb a 3 m ladder in 5 s?
a) 3 watts
b) 30 watts
c) 3 joules
d) 30 joules

Using a ramp 6 m long, workers apply an effort force of 1,250 N to move a 2,00 N crate onto a platform 2 m high. What is the efficiency of the ramp?
a) 4,000 joules
b) 35%
c) 53%
d) 7,500 joules

Which of these cannot be done by a machine?
a) multiply force
b) work
c) change direction of a force
d) multiply energy

In an ideal machine which of the following is true?
a) Work input is equal to work output.
b) Work input is greater than work output.
c) Work input is less than work output.
d) Work input is dependent on work output.

An adult and a child are on a seesaw, when the fulcrum is in the middle the child can not move the adult. How should the fulcrum be moved so the two can seesaw?
a) toward the child
b) toward the adult
c) no movement necessary
d) move to the left

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