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A dry, scaly skin condition due to a deficiency or absence of sebum caused by old age and exposure to cold is:
a) death
b) dry skin
c) menopause
d) Asteatosis

Distended capillaries caused by constant overdilation and weakening of the capillary walls are known as:
a) Telangiectasis
b) Asteatosis
c) Herpes Simplex
d) dead capillaries

Arc pin curls are also known as half-moon or:
a) full moon
b) C-Shaped Based Curls
c) S shaped Curls
d) wave

An acid with low pH that is the primary reducing agent in acid waves is:
a) high alakine
b) low alakine
c) Glyceryl Monothioglycolate
d) idk

Elevation on the skin that contains no fluid, but may develop into a pustule:
a) crystal
b) bubble
c) blister
d) Papule

Dry skin that is not producing enough sebum is also known as:
a) Alipidic
b) Dehydrated Skin
c) sebaceous
d) IDK

Chemical-based side bonds that are formed when two sulfur-type chains are joined together are:
a) polypeptide bonds
b) Disulfide Bonds
c) bonds
d) peptide bonds

The lipophilic tail of a surfactant molecule is considered to be:
a) hates oil
b) oil attracting
c) ugly
d) hydrophilic

Shampoos that are created by combining the surfactant base with basic color pigments are:
a) regalar shampoo
b) Ph balanced
c) non striping
d) Color-enhancing

The medial term that is used to describe dandruff is:
a) Pediculosis Capitis
b) Staphylococci
c) Pityriasis
d) Alipidic

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