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What is meant by Machiavelli’s belief that “the end justifies the means”?
a) Leaders may use any method to achieve what Is best for the state.
b) The general public always acts in its own best interest
c) Pleasing all of the people at any given time is possible
d) Leaders must always act for the common good.

The Renaissance in western Europe is best described as a period marked by
a) unquestioned reliance on the teachings of Aristotle
b) an advance of Muslim culture
c) Christian unity throughout the region
d) great intellectual and artistic creativity

The revival of Greek and Roman culture, the economic growth of Italian city-states in the 1400s, and the development of humanism were aspects of the
a) Age of revolutions
b) spread of Islam
c) Protestant Reformation
d) European Renaissance

A major reason that the Renaissance began in Italy was that
a) Italian city-states had grown wealthy from trade between Europe and Asia
b) farmers produced great agricultural surpluses
c) merchants supported the green revolution
d) many European scholars had migrated to this area

One way in which the writers of the Renaissance were influenced by the writers of ancient Greece was that the Renaissance writers
a) promoted the religious doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church
b) produced few new scientific ideas
c) stressed the power of human reason
d) showed little interest in secular affairs

A major goal of the Counter-Reformation was to
a) reduce the authority of absolute monarchs
b) reinstate the power of the Roman Catholic Church
c) encourage new ideas in science and philosophy throughout Europe
d) compromise with European Protestants

Which statement concerning the Renaissance in Europe is based on opinion rather than on fact?
a) Literature began to appear in languages other than Latin.
b) The art of the Northern Renaissance was superior to that of the Italian Renaissance.
c) Art reflected the ideas of humanism and individualism.
d) Art produced during the Renaissance had religious as well as secular themes

“The Pope is no judge of matters pertaining to God’s word and faith; the true Christian must examine and judge for himself.” Who is the most likely author of this statement?
a) Martin Luther
b) Socrates
c) John Locke
d) Adam Smith

Which factor contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance in Italian cities?
a) occupation by foreign powers
b) interaction with Latin America
c) surplus of porcelain from Japan
d) access to important trade routes

Which word refers to the idea of the Renaissance to focus on the individual and their achievements?
a) Realism
b) Humanism
c) Utopia
d) Reformation

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