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Review Of The Protestant Reformation.[print questions]

What event triggered the start of the Protestant Reformation
a) The invention of the printing press
b) Martin Luther's excommunication
c) Martin Luther's 95 Theses
d) World War I

What si the name of the law that established the Church of England?
a) Code of Hammurabi
b) Act of Supremacy
c) 12 Tables
d) Treaty of Verasilles

One of the end results of the Protestant Reformation was
a) The end of the Roman Catholic Church
b) Start of the Islamic takeover of Europe
c) Discovery of the Americas
d) Decline in religious unity in Europe

What was the most popular book from the time of the Protestant Reformation?
a) Hamlet
b) The Bible
c) The Prince
d) Romeo and Juliet

What was the punishment from the church for Martin Luther after he posted the 95 theses.
a) He was executed
b) He was put in jail
c) He was appointed the Pope
d) He was excommunicated

The most significant way the Renaissance influenced the Protestant Reformation was that the Renaissance
a) Supported democratic forms of government
b) encouraged a questioning attitude
c) stressing the importance of life after death
d) questioning the existence of God

Martin Luther's 95 Theses were a call for
a) reforms of the Catholic Church
b) religious revolt against German princes
c) greater papal authority
d) crusades to spread christianity

An important effect of the Protestant Reformation in Europe was that it strengthened the
a) power of monarchies
b) belief in polytheism
c) power of the Pope
d) unity in Europe

Which of King Henry VIII children ruled England the longest?
a) Mary
b) Edward
c) Elizabeth
d) Catehrine

What is the name for the practice of selling forgiveness of sins to people?
a) Realism
b) indulgences
c) Humanism
d) Utopia

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