Semester Review: Bonus Unit #1 Question Preview (ID: 34473)

This Is A Review For Content From Unit 1.

In geography, what do we call an area that has common characteristics based on physical or political characteristics?
a) Place
b) Location
c) Region
d) Environment

The Agricultural Revolution came about because of favorable climate conditions, population growth,
a) poor international relations and warfare
b) governmental instability and rioting
c) economic collapse and high unemployment
d) early farming methods and the domestication of animals

Which form of government permits their citizens to participate in government?
a) Monarchy
b) Direct democracy
c) Theocracy
d) Aristocracy

The Romans established a new form of government known as
a) a republic.
b) a theocracy
c) a monarchy
d) an oligarchy

What impact did geography have on political life in ancient Greece?
a) The Greeks developed small, independent city-states
b) The Greeks spent most time indoors due to the cold weather
c) Greece was united into one large empire.
d) The Greeks used their extensive road system as trading routes.

Surpluses in food supplies, specialization of workers, and advanced technology were all characteristics of
a) businesses
b) industries
c) governments
d) civilizations

Which techniques did the earliest humans first use to cooperatively acquire food?
a) farming techniques
b) animal husbandry techniques
c) hunter-gatherer techniques
d) raiding techniques

Which type of map should be used when trying to locate the Andes mountain range?
a) Physical Map
b) Population Map
c) Political Map
d) Historical Map

The Prime Meridian
a) Divides the world into the eastern and western hemispheres
b) Divides the world into the northern and southern hemispheres
c) Divides the world into the eastern and western cultures
d) Divides the world into the northern and southern religious spheres

Which example is a way that humans modify their environment?
a) Put on or remove clothing
b) Build dams to control the water flow from rivers
c) Wait for rain fall
d) Rely on local rivers for water and transportation

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