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What type of economy does Canada have?
a) Market Economy
b) Mixed Economy
c) Command Economy
d) Traditional Economy

Canada is using new factories and new machines. What is this an example of?
a) human capital
b) capital goods
c) literacy rate
d) standard of living

Canada, like most democratic nations, has a _____ economy.
a) market
b) mixed
c) traditional
d) command

What ocean is located on the western coast of Canada?
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Arctic Ocean
d) Indian Ocean

What bay is located north of Ontario?
a) Wester Bay
b) Hudson Bay
c) Kuhl Bay
d) Anderson Bay

Due to Canada's history, which two languages are MOST prominent in the country?
a) English and French
b) Canadian and English
c) German and Australian
d) Spanish and Portugese

Which two countries fought over control of Canada in the 17th and 18th centuries?
a) England and France
b) Germany and France
c) England and Spain
d) England and the United States

What is the national capital of Canada?
a) Toronto
b) Nunavut
c) Ottawa
d) Washington D.C.

Canada has a high standard of living and a
a) high literacy rate
b) low literacy rate
c) high poverty rate
d) high rate of unemployment

Name a physical feature shared by the US and Canada.
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Hudson Bay
c) Arctic Ocean
d) Mississippi River

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