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When rocks change shape by breaking, ___ form.
a) volcanoes
b) plate boundaries
c) epicenters
d) faults

The ___ is the point deep inside Earth where an earthquake occurs.
a) epicenter
b) focus
c) seismic wave
d) magnitude

The Richter scale measures the ___ of an earthquake.
a) magnitude
b) intensity
c) epicenter
d) focus

Seismic waves are recorded using an instrument called a ___.
a) Mercalli Scale
b) Richter Scale
c) seismograph
d) tephra

Seismic sea waves, called ___, can cause huge waves at the shoreline.
a) intensity waves
b) seismic waves
c) ocean earthquakes
d) tsunamis

Magma flowing onto Earth's surface is called ___.
a) tephra
b) lava
c) craters
d) vents

As plates separate, long cracks called ___ form between them.
a) fissures
b) boundaries
c) rifts
d) ridges

Large bodies of magma called ___ may be responsible for forming the Hawaiian islands.
a) hot spots
b) tephras
c) rings of fire
d) conduction currents

the slowest and largest seismic waves
a) primary waves
b) secondary waves
c) surface waves

the fastest seismic waves, which travel through rock material and cause the rock to move back and forth in the same direction as the waves

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