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Food Webs And Biomagnification.

An organism that makes its own food from the primary energy source.
a) Heterotroph
b) Autotroph
c) Herbivore
d) All three are correct

What forms the base of the food chain at hydrothermal vents?
a) plants
b) tube worms
c) magma
d) bacteria

What is the primary energy source for all living things on the surface of the Earth?
a) plants
b) water
c) heat from the Earth's mantle
d) the sun

Which below is an example of an interaction between an aquatic and terrestrial food web.
a) An eagle eats a mouse
b) A bear eats a fish
c) A shark eats a stingray
d) A human eats a carrot

The process of the concentration of a poison increasing as you move up the food web is known as
a) biomagnification
b) diffusion
c) chemomagnification
d) bioaccumulation

When an organism accumulates a material in its body at a concentration greater than the environment.
a) biomagnification
b) photosynthesis
c) chemomagnification
d) bioaccumulation

The process of taking in chemicals from the Earth's crust and producing food is called
a) chemosynthesis
b) osmosis
c) fracking
d) photosynthesis

The process of taking in sunlight, carbon dioxide and water and producing sugars and oxygen is called
a) chemosynthesis
b) osmosis
c) diffusion
d) photosynthesis

The first trophic level consists of
a) primary consumers
b) secondary consumers
c) primary producers
d) primary energy source

What do the arrows in a food web represent?
a) Which organisms eat each other.
b) The flow of energy through the food web.
c) The flow of water through the food web.
d) Which organisms are autotrophs.

Which trophic level are secondary consumers?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

What percent of energy is LOST as food moves through the food chain?
a) 90%
b) 10%
c) 50%
d) 25%

Organisms which do not make their own food.
a) Heterotroph
b) Autotroph
c) Primary Producters
d) Plants

What happens as energy moves through a food chain?
a) It increases
b) It stays the same
c) Energy doesn't move through a food chain
d) It decreases

What was the source of Minimata disease?
a) DDT
b) Organic mercury
c) PCB's
d) a virus

If a poison is introduced in the primary producers at a concentration of 5 ppm, and increased as a rate of 10x for each trophic level, what would be the concentration in a tertiary consumer?
a) 50 ppm
b) 500 ppm
c) 5,000 ppm
d) 50,000 ppm

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