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Epics And Into The Maze Of Doom.

Choose a phrase that best defines epic simile.
a) A figure of speech in which one things is spoken of as if it were something else
b) Literary technique that involves differences in meaning and intention
c) A work done in imitation of another
d) A long elaborate comparison between two dissimilar objects or actions

Which of the following is NOT a trait of an epic hero?
a) The hero faces a quest or challenge.
b) The hero has super powers.
c) The hero typically is affected by gods or supernatural beings.
d) The hero typically visits a supernatural or underworld.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an epic?
a) The setting includes supernatural realms such as the land of the dead.
b) The hero goes on a quest or journey.
c) The hero has super powers that help him complete his journey.
d) Gods are typically part of the action.

Which word below is not an onomatopoeia?
b) ROAR!

Which detail definitely does NOT belong in a summary of the play Into the Maze of Doom?
a) Theseus slays the Minotaur with its horn.
b) Ariadne gives Theseus a sword and thread to help him survive in the labyrinth.
c) Theseus volunteers to travel to Crete.
d) A guard leads Theseus down a long corridor.

What makes Theseus a hero in Into the Maze of Doom?
a) He’s the son of a king.
b) He feels no fear.
c) He fights against injustice.
d) He is helped by Aridane.

Why does Theseus want to go to Crete in Into the Maze of Doom?
a) To kill the King.
b) To kill the Minotaur.
c) To prove that the King is willing to sacrifice his own child.

Which scene in the play Into the Maze of Doom is a flashback?
a) When Theseus is entering the cave at the beginning of the play.
b) When Ariadne helps free the people and they return to Crete.
c) When King Minos tells the guards to put Theseus into the labyrinth with the Minotaur.
d) When King Aegeus tells Theseus about how King Minos' son died and how 14 people must be sacrificed.

In the final line of the play, the Spirit says, “Heroic deeds come at great cost, young prince.” What does the Spirit mean?
a) Theseus will need a lot of money if he wants to keep doing heroic deeds.
b) Theseus will suffer as a result of his heroic deeds.
c) Theseus will be paid well for his heroic deeds.
d) Theseus should wait until he’s older to do any more heroic deeds.

What is an epic?
a) a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic figure
b) a song written by the Greeks
c) a monumental failure
d) a long story comparing two dissimilar objects or actions about a hero

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