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The regions on a magnet where the magnetic force exerted is the strongest are called what?
a) magnetic domains
b) north, sounth, east, and west
c) magnetic poles
d) magnetic force lines

What is probably the largest object we know of that functions as a magnet?
a) a compass
b) the Earth
c) the moon
d) giant magnets in labs

Which is a correct statement?
a) Two north poles or two south poles of any magnets attract each other.
b) There is a huge bar magnet imbedded in the axis of the Earth.
c) If you cut a magnet in two pieces it destroys the magnetic properties of the magnet.
d) The north pole of one magnet will attract the south pole of another magnet.

The hundreds and hundreds of small areas containing a north and a south region within a given piece of magnetic material such as iron or nickel are called:
a) ranges
b) domains
c) poles
d) magnets

How is a non-magnetized iron nail made into a magnetized one?
a) Aligned with a magnet or electric current passed through so domains line up.
b) Stored for a long period of time next to a magnet.
c) Put on top of paper and floated in a small amount of water.
d) Dipped in special paint.

Electric current is the movement of what along a path?
a) magnets
b) electrons
c) atoms
d) protons

Which does not apply as a description of alternating current?
a) The type used when you plug something into a wall outlet in your home.
b) The current switches directions at a frequency of 60 cycles per second.
c) The type used when you power something with batteries.
d) Normally generated at large power plants.

If a magnet is moved near a wire, a current can be created. This process is called what?
a) magnetic field lines production
b) electromagnetic induction
c) generation
d) transformation

What type of metal is used most often for wires for conducting electricity?
a) gold
b) zinc
c) nickel
d) copper

For what reason is copper a good choice for wire for conducting electricity?
a) It has an outer shell electron that moves fairly easily.
b) It is very inexpensive and easy to find.
c) It conducts better than any other substance known to man.
d) Its electrons stay in one place so they are easy to make move when needed.

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