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Practice Identifying Traits Of Characters After Reading About Their Behaviors.

Jason is an excellent accountant who works full-time for his best friend's company. A larger accounting firm contacts Jason and offers to pay him twice if he will work for them. Jason says no and does not tell his friend about it.
a) friendly
b) compassionate
c) loyal
d) brave

Eric's car broke down in the woods. He used his car antenna as a spear and caught fresh salmon. He started a fire with sparks from his car battery, and he ate the cooked salmon while waiting for help.
a) strong
b) creative
c) selfish
d) shy

After coming home late from a party, Mae's father questioned her. She wanted to tell him that she was studying at a friend's place and lost track of time, but she told him the truth instead: she was at a party.
a) honest
b) bossy
c) dishonest
d) vulnerable

Michael has clothes all over the floor of his bedroom. Underneath the clothes on his floor is a pizza box with crusts in it. Underneath the pizza box is bunch of pieces of a board game that Michael played and didn't put away.
a) shy
b) outgoing
c) neat
d) messy

Andy saw his neighbor struggling to get his lawn mower running, so Andy went over to his neighbor's house and filled up his lawn mower with gas. When it still wouldn't start, Andy lent him his lawn mower.
a) happy
b) helpful
c) controlling
d) decisive

When vandals burned down the orphanage, Ms. Cleary started a fundraising campaign and donated $5,000 dollars of her own money.
a) stingy
b) indecisive
c) hard-working
d) compassionate

The teacher told the students that they were not to start testing until everyone received all of the materials and read all the directions together. Immediately after he finished his sentence, Chris raised his hand and asked if he could start now.
a) inconsiderate
b) shy
c) oblivious
d) kind

Orson wanted to change the TV station, but the controller was all the way at the end of the couch by his feet. Orson sort of scooted toward it and attempted to grab it with his feet. The controller fell and landed several feet away. He gave up.
a) decisive
b) lazy
c) giving
d) charming

Katie's mother came home and noticed that the entire house had been cleaned. She figured that Katie must have cleaned it. Then she found a note asking if Katie could sleep at a friend's house. Describe Katie.
a) greedy
b) stingy
c) compassionate
d) clever

It was Halloween. Valarie was dressed up as Princess Rosemary from her favorite TV show. As she was collecting candy, she noticed another little girl wearing a Princess Rosemary costume. Valarie began rolling around on the ground throwing a tantrum.
a) compassionate
b) mature
c) immature
d) hungry

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