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The amount of shaking produced by an earthquake at a given location is called the ____.
a) intensity
b) magnitude
c) epicenter
d) Richter magnitude

What instrument records earthquake waves?
a) seismogram
b) seismograph
c) Richter scale
d) barometer

A travel-time graph can be used to find the ____.
a) focus of an earthquake
b) strength of an earthquake
c) damage caused by an earthquake
d) distance to the epicenter of an earthquake

Which one of the following statements is true about P waves?
a) They travel only through solids.
b) They travel faster than S waves.
c) They are the most destructive type of seismic wave.
d) They cannot be recorded on a seismograph.

The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 occurred along what fault?
a) the San Francisco fault
b) the Pacific fault
c) the California fault
d) the San Andreas fault

Major earthquakes are sometimes preceded by smaller earthquakes called ____.
a) aftershocks
b) focus shocks
c) surface waves
d) foreshocks

Which of the following causes earthquakes?
a) elastic rebound
b) Richter scale
c) release of heat
d) frictional heating

Earthquakes are usually associated with ____.
a) violent weather
b) faults
c) large cities
d) the east coast of North America

An earthquake's epicenter is ____.
a) the place on the surface directly above the focus
b) a spot halfway between the focus and the surface
c) the spot below the focus
d) any spot along the nearest fault

The scale most widely used by scientists for measuring earthquakes is the ____.
a) seismic scale
b) Richter scale
c) moment magnitude scale
d) epicenter magnitude scale

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