2nd 9 Weeks Exam Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 34423)

2nd Part To 2nd 9 Weeks Exam.

Climates that are ___ and ___ allow for faster weathering.
a) cold and wet
b) cold and dry
c) hot and wet
d) hot and dry

This soil conservation method helps prevent soil from being eroded.
a) conservation plowing
b) crop rotation
c) contour plowing
d) all help prevent erosion

A __ is a low, wide, gently sloping volcano built by repeated lava flows.
a) shield
b) cinder cone
c) composite
d) plateau

At a ___ boundary, tectonic plates slide past each other in opposite directions.
a) divergent
b) transform
c) convergent
d) strike-slip

Which of the following processes forms canyons?
a) Deposition
b) Weathering
c) Plate movement
d) Erosion

___ is a soft rock and can easily be eroded to form caves.
a) sandstone
b) granite
c) calcite
d) limestone

What causes all mass movements?
a) wind
b) water
c) ice
d) gravity

You can tell a glacier has moved through an area?
a) A v-shaped valley is left behind.
b) grooves in the bedrock
c) A u-shaped valley is left behind.
d) glacial till

Magma is ____than surrounding rocks, which makes is ___ dense allowing it to rise to the surface.
a) cooler less
b) cooler more
c) warmer less
d) warmer more

Sand is ___, meaning that water can easily pass through it.
a) impermeable
b) permeable
c) small
d) grainy

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